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WILMINGTON, DE - The 2017 Saint Mark's High School Field Hockey Team has joined the Muscle Movement Foundation this season, playing in efforts to "Stick it to Muscle Disease"! Coach Lori Schweizer and the Spartans took immediate initiative in joining the MMF, furthering the MMF's mission statement at Saint Mark's High School. Coach Schweizer is thrilled to see the Muscle Movement Foundation's impact in her local community, and continues to play a vital role in assisting MMF's local families in need.

Coach Schweizer is well acquainted with the Muscle Movement Foundation (MMF), founded by Saint Mark's High School Alumnus and MMF President, Rob DeMasi. Lori, and husband, Paul - a physical therapist at ATI Physical Therapy's Pike Creek, DE office - have watched Mr. DeMasi compete since he was young. Their oldest daughter, Courtney Schweizer, and Mr. DeMasi grew up competing in the same local athletic leagues and graduated high school together at Saint Mark's. Paul has opened ATI's doors to Mr. DeMasi for years - successfully rehabilitating Rob during injuries, training him for competition, and welcoming Rob to ATI's facility to maintain a healthy lifestyle after Rob's diagnosis with myasthenia gravis (MG). When Coach Schweizer, and family, learned of the opportunity to support the Muscle Movement Fnd., they were thrilled to do so.

Rob DeMasi’s story was heartbreaking to hear during my daughter’s senior year at Saint Mark’s High School. Rob graduated with my oldest daughter, and was a stellar athlete during high school. Not only did he fight to regain strength and conditioning after he was afflicted with muscle disease - an amazing accomplishment - but now he is paying it forward as the Founder of MMF. Rob is a source of strength, as he muscles through to help others affected by muscle disease.

My reason for supporting MMF is simple. I am blessed with five healthy children whose muscles and athleticism have helped propel them forward to compete in collegiate sports. As a physical therapist, as well as a coach at Saint Mark’s, I take nothing for granted and am compassionate towards those with muscular dysfunction. We need to flex our muscles for those who cannot - and support MMF!
— Coach Lori Schweizer
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This season the girls will host a Halloween Pet Parade, sponsored by Saint Mark's High School Field Hockey Team, in efforts to empower local families affected by neuromuscular disease! Coach Schweizer and Spartans encourage the community to bring their furry friends to campus on Sunday, October 22nd, for a fun day with family and friends. Registration will begin at 11:30 a.m. The event will include face painting and pumpkin decorating stations for children. Additionally, local business partners have provided the opportunity for the participants to win fun prizes, by way of a raffle. Furthermore, a cash prize will be awarded to the 1st place participant and runner-up will be awarded to the following categories: Best Dressed Pet, Best Dressed Pet-Human Combo, and Best Dressed Human.

The judges for the event will consist of Mr. Rob DeMasi, the Muscle Movement Foundation, and local "Muscle Champions" - families courageously overcoming the effects of muscle disease. We hope to see you, and your pets, on 10/22/17!

Early Registration is available here!

If you have any questions about the event, please contact: ljschweiz@aol.com


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