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As a valued member of the Muscle Movement Fnd.'s MUSCLE TEAM, your strength will support our life-changing services across the U.S.

We depend on the compassionate efforts of volunteers to support our events, support groups, and fundraisers, so we can AID many families in need! Our goal is to ensure every family is Assisted, Included, and Develops life-changing strength!


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Volunteer Coordinator

Raymond has served on our Muscle Team since 2012!

He has dedicated thousands of hours to annual service for our families in need.




Volunteer Coordinator

Carley joined our Muscle Team in 2017 as a valued member.

She dedicated over 1,000 hours to patient care and MMF services/events. She was promoted to Volunteer Coordinator in 2018.


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  • Event Volunteer:

Help us make our MMF events exceptionally memorable for our Muscle Champions and supporters. Volunteer to help plan events and/or help us the day of the event.


  • Outreach Volunteer:

Ensure we create essential awareness and deliver our special message in your community! Reach out to local businesses, schools, athletic teams, and fitness institutions in efforts to inspire them to join our fight against muscle disease!



  • Family Home-Visit Volunteer:

Donate your time to visiting our affected families. Assist us at family home visits to deliver the MMF message, welcome our families to the MMF team, and identify families' needs. Volunteers 18+.



  • Support Group Volunteer:

Volunteer your time in creating a MMF support group in your area. Together we will provide the important emotional support needed to develop coping strategies and functional health plans.


  • Fundraising Volunteer:

Volunteer to fundraise in your school, at your office, or in your local community! Contact us if you would like to volunteer to hold an event in your area. Create your own MMF page and share it by way of phone, email, and social media!


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