Muscle champion support program

MMF’s Muscle Champion Support Program provides grants to minimize the financial hardship that is directly related to an individual’s diagnosis of neuromuscular disease.

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This page contains information about:

  • Eligibility criteria.

  • Application process.

  • Submit your story.

  • Contact information.

eligibility criteria

The application period is currently closed. The next application period will re-open on January 1st, 2020.

  1. The individual must have a diagnosis of neuromuscular disease.

  2. Need assistance with out-of-pocket expenses that are directly related to the diagnosis.

  3. Funds will only be allocated to creditors.

  4. Approval may be granted to a family one time per year.

  5. The patient must reside in one of the following states: DE, MD, NJ, or PA.

  6. The applicant must be a legal and permanent resident of the United States. If the applicant claims U.S. residency through a work or educational visa, the individual is not eligible for assistance, as they would be considered legal residents but not permanent ones for the purposes of this organization.

  7. The individual’s application must be completed in full and mailed. If the application is incomplete or sent via email, the application will not qualify for review.

  8. Applicants are required to submit a new/updated application at the beginning of each year. This includes applications that were submitted prior to the New Year and may have been denied or placed on a waiting list.

application process

In order for your application to be reviewed, the application must be completed in full by the appropriate personnel and mailed to the following address:

651 Valley Rd., #673

Hockessin, DE 19707

Please thoroughly review the required information for the application.

submit your story

We would be honored to hear your testimony! How has the Muscle Movement Foundation’s Muscle Champion Support Program helped you or a loved one? Sharing your story will provide hope to families who are affected by muscle disease and help the community understand the significance of supporting our program!

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contact information

Please feel free to email to check the current status of your application and/or if you have additional questions about our Muscle Movement Fdn. Muscle Champion Support Program.

MMF is diligently working to meet the demands of our families in need. We thank you for your patience and support while MMF carefully reviews each application.