The Muscle Movement Foundation is the non-profit uniting the communities of athletics and fitness to fight muscle disease in the United States.


Muscle disease damages muscles and breaks hearts...

Reportedly, over one million individuals in the United States are affected by neuromuscular disease. Neuromuscular disease robs an individual of their ability to complete basic muscular movements; such as, walking, talking, eating, and breathing. These diseases keep our prominent research centers and doctors at hold, resulting in life altering circumstances and death. Although we can not take the disease from our fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters, we relentlessly work to provide accommodations to ease the burden muscle disease may cause on our affected families.

Muscle Champion

(n.) An individual living and refusing to lose to muscle disease.

Our loved ones- our survivors- Individuals who endure the weakness, paralysis, fatigue, pain, hospital visits, treatments, side effects, and obstacles presented by muscle disease; yet, continue to wake up daily with a smile on their face and live life to the fullest. These individuals are champions- our MMF Muscle Champions. And we want to highlight just how strong and special these individuals are. If you or a loved one is living and refusing to lose to muscle disease, email, we'd be honored to meet you!


Some Muscle Champions we have assisted through your support!

✫ Marc from TX         ✫ Jane from IL


Eddie from DE        ✫ Damon from PA



Sack Muscle Disease

Football season is right around the corner! Big hits, long runs, amazing catches.. Do you or a loved one play on a football team?! Check out Team Muscle Up and email to get your team on board!


TDs for Muscle Disease

MG Muscle Champion, Brandon Cox, overcame a diagnosis of myasthenia gravis and became the starting quarterback for Auburn University in the 2006-2007 season! Football season is right around the corner and we'd love for you to join our team, playing with a purpose to end muscle disease!

wilmu signing.jpg

Strikeout Muscle Disease

Division II Wilmington University Baseball Team presents 2016 season MVP (Most Valuable Player) award to Muscle Champion, Eddie Hazeldine!

Click on the link below for full article!

2016 WilmU Baseball MVP

Image courtesy of Susan L. Gregg, Wilmington University. Copyright 2016 Wilmington University Magazine.

Image courtesy of Susan L. Gregg, Wilmington University. Copyright 2016 Wilmington University Magazine.

MMF Founder, Rob DeMasi

Iron Man, Iron Will published via Wilmington University Magazine provides an in-depth look at Rob DeMasi's perseverance in overcoming muscle damaging disease. 

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Iron Man, Iron Will


MMF Team Muscle Up Advocate and Green Bay Packers Tight-End, Justin Perillo, surprises MG Muscle Champion, Marci Williamson, just weeks after Marci endured a MG crisis.



Knockout Muscle Disease

MMF Team Muscle Up Advocate, Arizona State University's national wrestling champion, and current Bellator MMA contendor, Bubba Jenkins! Click on Bubba to hear his story and learn how you can help Bubba "Knockout Muscle Disease"!


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  • Event Volunteer: Help us make our MMF events exceptionally memorable for our Muscle Champions and supporters. Volunteer to help plan events and/or help us the day of the event.
  • Outreach Volunteer: Ensure we create essential awareness and deliver our special message in your community! Reach out to local businesses, schools, athletic teams, and fitness institutions in efforts to inspire them to join our important movement!
  • Family Home-Visit Volunteer: Donate your time to visiting our affected families. Assist us at family home visits to deliver the MMF message, welcome our families to the MMF team, and learn of the families needs. Volunteers 18+.
  • Support Group Volunteer: Volunteer your time in creating a MMF support group in your area. Together we will provide the essential emotional support needed in fighting back against muscle damaging disease.

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Muscle Connect is our private Facebook support group designed for Muscle Champions, friends, and family to connect and provide the love, hope, and support we all deserve. Ask questions, share information, connect with nearby survivors, and most importantly, inspire others to continue to "Survive and Strive" against neuromuscular disease!