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I was diagnosed with the disease ALS which most people know as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. It’s been a fight every day to challenge myself with the weakness in my limbs. The little things that were so easy to do before are getting more and more difficult. I know God has a purpose for my life with my wife and kids, as they provide me tremendous support. There is no cure so far, but that’s not stopping me cause I’ve always been a fighter. It was awesome meeting Rob DeMasi and I absolutely love what he’s doing with his foundation. He’s a blessing to kids and adults like myself. Thank you for the support and financial assistance you continue to provide me MMF!
— ALS Muscle Champion, Damon Church
I have lots of fun at every MMF event. It’s fun being apart of the different athletic teams, and meeting the coaches and players. I love having my picture taken with my whole family at the events. Mr. DeMasi is really nice and has done a lot for me. Thank you MMF for my new wheelchair van and my new ramp in the front of my house. It’s easier to travel and easier when I want to go to fun places!
— 13 yr. old DMD Muscle Champion, Eddie
After a 911 call, a paramedic arrived to my house. She noticed my medical bracelet stating that I have myasthenia gravis (MG). She kindly passed along a Muscle Movement Fnd. card to me. Since becoming involved with the MMF I have received stronger emotional support than ever, connecting with a lot of people involved with MMF. Thank you Rob for all you have done.”
— MG Muscle Champion, Marci Williamson
As a co-founder of a nonprofit from Buffalo, NY, I have the utmost respect for the Muscle Movement Foundation and all the work they have done and continue to do. Their Founder, Rob, is so genuine & passionate...such a breath of fresh air! Keep it up guys!
— Colleen Murray, Co-Founder Miles For Matty, Inc.
Thanks to the Muscle Movement Foundation for allowing me to help raise awareness and donations for muscle disease. With people like Rob relentlessly working to help an important cause, I am sure we will eventually Pin Muscle Disease!
— West Virginia Head Wrestling Coach, Tim Flynn
I have had a great experience with the MMF since taking on the cause each football season since 2015. I love the fact that MMF takes an individualized approach to helping people in need. Many times other companies and charities hold a high percentage in overhead costs. MMF donates every penny raised to families in need. They take an individualized approach which allows their representatives to make a true connection with their “Muscle Champions”. It shows that they deeply care for their Muscle Champions and dedicate countless hours to help them mentally, physically, and emotionally. The MMF is an organization that creates a safer and encouraging environment for the families they help.

I never had a second thought about having my football program involved in this great cause. The young men that we coach are fortunate that they are able to play sports and perform their daily activities without any struggles, so we dedicate each year to raising awareness and support for people living with muscle disease. My team has taken this cause head on and has raises funds through their friends and families to make sure the MMF’s Muscle Champions can live stronger each day.
— Saint Mark's High School (DE) Head Football Coach, Joe Wright
One word to describe the experience in working with the MMF is “perspective” - perspective of what is most important in life. We tend to care so much about our own lives that tunnel vision can form. When we clear our tunnel vision we realize a lot. We realize we should not feel sorry for ourselves, and how fortunate we are despite the minor struggles we encounter. We also learn to be thankful for every day.

Wrestling is a grind and applies directly to life. Even when you are not on the mat, you tend to wrestle in life. The MMF teaches us that we have to learn to wrestle with life struggles, and wrestle through good and bad times- just as their Muscle Champions do against muscle disease. Wrestling gives you a fighting chance in life, and wrestling for the individuals who consistently portray this courage continues to help us grow. Thank you MMF and thank you Muscle Champions
— Pat Atkinson, Head Wrestling Coach, St. George's Technical High School (Delaware's only 5x State Finalist)
Hosting a MMF crossfit event was amazing! I noticed an energy like no other from the group that participated. We went through a series of warm ups and movements that we do on a day-to-day basis. It is always a blessing to be able to move freely without fear of injury or sickness. Moving our muscles for Muscle Champion, Eddie, was the least I could do to match the strength he portrays daily in fighting duchenne muscular dystrophy. Thanks to Rob and his crew for running such a great event. I look forward to working with him in the future!
— Steve Bart