MMF Advocate | Bubba Jenkins

Relentless Champion Reveals His Story; Becomes MMF Advocate.

Bubba Jenkins explains his inspiration in becoming an official Muscle Movement Foundation Advocate.

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA - The Muscle Movement Foundation is pleased to welcome our newest advocate and notorious champion, Bubba Jenkins, to our team! Bubba recently contacted Muscle Movement Foundation President and Myasthenia Gravis Survivor, Rob DeMasi, in request to become an official advocate! Bubba has decided to become an official MMF Advocate because neuromuscular disease hits close to home. Bubba Jenkins' father worked very hard to provide for his family as he worked in the diamond locations in Africa. Despite a diagnosis of myasthenia gravis (MG) and the lack of proper medical care in Africa, Bubba’s father continued to work to send money to his beloved family located in the United States. Myasthenia gravis “MG” is a neuromuscular autoimmune disease that causes extreme muscular fatigue, weakness, and paralysis. There is currently no cure.

One day, Bubba’s father collapsed during his day at work due to extreme bodily fatigue and weakness caused by “MG”. The African heat and physical labor further exacerbated Mr. Jenkins’ condition. When myasthenia gravis is exacerbated, a patient may fall into a “MG crisis” - the patient's diaphragm muscles are severely weakened causing the inability to breathe on their own. Unfortunately, Mr. Jenkins’ could not be revived after the fall. Bubba, nine years old at the time, received the news from his loved ones. Confused to how and why his father passed away, he struggled to deal with the loss of his father. He struggled with the fact his father passed away over 7,000 miles away from his family. Bubba began to struggle in school, coping with his anger by getting into fights. He was quickly re-directed to the sport of wrestling which Bubba excelled in. His anger was easily identified as he became an aggressive and physical specimen on the wrestling mat. Bubba began to redirect his anger into motivation, working hard to display the hard work that his father portrayed. His motivation turned into success as he turned the loss of his father into a legacy. Bubba Jenkins went on to win a Division I National Wrestling Championship at Arizona State University in 2011, where he graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science degree. He has now signed with Bellator MMA, as a mixed martial arts contender. Bubba Jenkins continues to compete and accomplish his goals with his father as his guardian angel!

Fighting with a purpose since the age of nine, and now joining the Muscle Movement Foundation, Bubba has completely linked his calling. Bubba is now fighting with a purpose to help “Knockout Muscle Disease”, in memory of his father and in support of all myasthenia gravis and Muscle Champions across the country. Bubba asks you to join our fight! Email to learn of ways in supporting Bubba's efforts in providing assistance to our Muscle Champions.


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