Rob DeMasi

Founder and president of Muscle Movement Foundation

"Being an athlete has blessed me with the instinct to constructively push myself and work outside of my comfort zone. The dedication, determination, and relentlessness programmed from athletics, were important components that helped me triumph through the weakest times in my life. It has been more difficult for doctors to see my myasthenia gravis (MG) due to my underline physical strength developed from years of being an athlete. Although my initial MG diagnosis was significantly delayed due to misdiagnosis, I am proud to have gained lifelong insight that continues to assist me in assisting my fellow Muscle Champions. 

In uniting the communities of athletics and fitness to fight neuromuscular disease, I hope to bring the comradery and support of a team to our affected families' lives. In highlighting the strength of our Muscle Champions, we inspire the community to use their "healthy muscles", to benefit their health, while helping individuals living with "sick muscles" (muscle disease). Bringing a team effort to the fight against neuromuscular disease continues to allow the MMF to improve the quality of life of our patients while providing support and inspiration to all associated parties."


In 2016, Wilmington University Magazine published Rob DeMasi's story and inspiration in forming the Muscle Movement Foundation. To view the story click the link below!

Iron Man, Iron Will via Wilmington University Magazine



Dr. Olga A. Katz

Board-Certified Neurologist | Website:

"As a medical doctor I have over twenty years of clinical and scientific experience. I have been board-certified as a specialist in Neurology. I have performed scientific research in the fields of Neurophysiology and since 2004 I also have been a member of the faculty of Thomas Jefferson University. Conditions diagnosed and treated in my practice include stroke, movement disorders, back and neck pain, seizure disorders, dementias, neuroimmune conditions, autonomic dysregulations and multiple others.  

My practice collaborates with some of the best specialists in the world in the fields of ophthalmology, rehabilitation, physical therapy, neuropsychology, as well as rheumatology, cardiology and urology. My practice also operates an infusion center, where we treat patients with a variety of conditions, such as multiple sclerosis (MS), chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP), multifocal motor neuropathy (MMN). We also perform infusion therapy for severe headaches and migraines, as well as a variety of other conditions. 

I commonly refer patients to specialists in diet and nutrition, psychology, anti-aging therapy and wellness. I believe in an integrative approach and strive to treat not the isolated disease, but the specific, unique human being, and to aim towards improvement of all aspects of life, restoring its fullness as much as possible. 

Our classically-decorated office is located in Center City Philadelphia on the first floor of a historic building that faces the medicinal garden of the Pennsylvania Hospital. Our main telephone number is 215-547-3573."

Board of Directors

Rob DeMasi - Founder and President

Teresa Votta - Vice President

Dr. Olga A. Katz, M.D., Ph.D - Board-Certified Neurologist

Michael Kemske - Treasurer

Danielle Raye - Secretary

Team Muscle Up Advocates

Our Team Muscle Up Advocates are individuals who are not affected by muscle disease, yet have been inspired by the strength of our Muscle Champions. They have chosen to "Muscle Up" against the diseases that rob our loved ones of their ability to move. Important members of our team, they volunteer, organize, and hold events while raising awareness in their respected craft! Email if you would like to discuss becoming an official advocate for Team Muscle Up. 

Justin Perillo - NFL Green Bay Packers Tight End

Elisabeth Kilroy - University of Maine Doctoral Candidate

Ryan Mutterer- Buffalo State, The State University of New York, Football Captain

Brandon Davis - 2x Freestyle Wrestling All-American, Current Amateur MMA Fighter

Devin Filliben - Wesley College Football Team 4 Year Varsity Starter & Current Coach

Bubba Jenkins - NCAA National Wrestling Champion, Current Bellator MMA Contendor

Vinnie Ranauto - President and Head Coach of Alpha Dogs Wrestling

Canaan Bethea - Pennsylvania RTC wrestler and George Mason University Assistant


MMF Advocates

Our MMF Advocates are essential members of our team who continue to overcome muscle disease daily. Our advocates are Muscle Champions who take initiative in spreading the MMF message, inspiring others to live like a Champion! If you or a loved one would like to become an Official MMF Advocate, email Strength is highlighted through you!

DELAWARE- DMD Muscle Champion, Mike Smith   (duchenne muscular dystrophy)

ILLINOIS- PM Muscle Champion, Coach Mike Powell   (polymyositis)

MARYLAND- MG Muscle Champion, Rachel Engler   (myasthenia gravis)


Past Advocates

13' National Miss DE, Julianne Dominelli, R.N., B.S.N. - MMF, 2013-2014