For Strength. Autonomy. Quality of Life.

The MMF works to combat the detrimental effects of muscular dystrophy, ALS, and additional forms of muscle-related diseases, by way of physical, financial, and emotional accommodations.


Reportedly, over one million individuals in the United States are affected by neuromuscular disease. Neuromuscular disease limits an individual's ability to complete basic muscular movements such as, walking, talking, eating, and breathing. These diseases keep our prominent research centers and doctors at hold, resulting in life altering circumstances and death. Although we currently do not have a cure for our fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters, we relentlessly work to provide accommodations to ease the burden muscle disease may cause on our affected families.

For our Muscle Champions

Muscle Champion - (n.) An individual living and refusing to lose to muscle disease.

Mission Statement

The Muscle Movement Foundation provides physical, financial, and emotional support to families living with neuromuscular disease (muscle disease).


We work to enhance our Muscle Champions' strength, autonomy, and quality of life.

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Physical support: As neuromuscular disease progresses, our Muscle Champions may experience physical restraints due to fatigue, weakness, and paralysis. Our goal is to combat these symptoms by way of physical accommodations. We have provided wheelchairs, wheelchair accessible automobiles, ramps, stair-lifts, walkers, and additional medical equipment to enhance autonomy and strength.

Financial support: Unfortunately, when an individual is diagnosed with neuromuscular disease the cost of living is an increased stressor. Medical bills, medication costs, co-pays, travel costs, and daily living expenses may average at alarming amounts. Our goal is to financially support our Muscle Champions and their families so they have the greatest opportunity to overcome the effects of their disease.

Emotional support: Living with neuromuscular disease may cause emotional trauma. A diagnosis may result in isolation, insecurity, and uncertainty. Our goal is to connect nearby Muscle Champions to provide the love and support every individual deserves. We work to operate peer-to-peer support groups to answer questions, build communal relationships, and help strengthen coping strategies. Our private Facebook support group is an immediate resource to share your story and connect with families across the nation.

MMF Founder, Rob DeMasi

           Photo courtesy of Wilmington University

         Photo courtesy of Wilmington University

The Muscle Movement Fnd. prides our mission statement from the strength of Rob DeMasi. Rob battled life-threatening complications and side effects for four years through misdiagnoses. At 17 years old, he endured twenty days in the hospital virtually paralyzed from head-to-toe. After fighting for four years, he finally received a proper diagnosis of myasthenia gravis (MG); an autoimmune disease that causes muscle weakness, paralysis, and fatigue. He pays tribute to "his team" (support system), who supported him during the weakest times of his life. To-date, he operates as the Founder and President of the Muscle Movement Fnd. and a motivational speaker. Rob dedicates 24/7 to inspiring the community to move their healthy muscles to combat muscle disease and empowering his fellow "Muscle Champions" in need.

Meaning Behind Our Logo!

1.) Muscles - The muscles symbolize the amazing support we receive from the community, which powers our fight against neuromuscular disease!

2.) Lettering - The combined letters stand for the initials of our organization - the Muscle Movement Foundation!

3.) Camouflage - The camouflage symbolizes our fight - our fight to combat the debilitating effects of muscle disease.

4.) Unraveled Ribbon - The unraveled ribbon symbolizes the MMF will work to empower our Muscle Champions, and their families, until a cure for muscle disease is unraveled. 

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