Spartan-MMF Mixer | Tyler Fitzgerald's

Spartan - MMF Mixer to Take Place at Tyler Fitzgerald's


WILMINGTON, DE - Supporters who are 21+, please feel free to join Coach Wilson, MMF Founder and Spartan Football Alumnus, Rob DeMasi, family, friends, and supporters at Tyler Fitzgerald's on Friday, November 4th, following the football game against Saint Elizabeth High School. The event will begin at 10:00p.m. and last until 1:00a.m. For just $30, enjoy two hours, 10p.m.-12a.m., with Spartan families and friends at an open bar! The final hour will consist of a cash bar. Delicious food will also be provided throughout the night! Please drink responsibly!

Tickets will be available for purchase from Rob DeMasi at each home game. Additionally, tickets may be purchased throughout the week. Call/ text Rob DeMasi at 302-893-9052. Checks payable to Muscle Movement Foundation. If you have any questions please feel free to email We look forward to gaining your support!

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Head Coach John Wilson and the Saint Mark's High School Football Team have joined the Muscle Movement Foundation for the second consecutive season; playing with a purpose to "Sack Muscle Disease"! The team is welcoming 10 year old "Muscle Champion", Mason Nellius, as the team's honorary captain at each home game this season. The Muscle Movement Foundation's "Muscle Champions" are individuals living and refusing to lose to muscle disease.

Reportedly, muscle disease affects over one million Americans. The diseases rob our loved ones of their ability to walk, talk, swallow, hug their loved ones, and breathe. The MMF unites the communities of athletics and fitness to provide accommodations to increase physical autonomy, financial stabilty, and emotional support for their families in need.

Mason Nellius is a 10 year old boy living and refusing to lose to Becker Muscular Dystrophy (BMD). BMD is one of nine forms of muscular dystrophy. It is a genetic disease that causes muscle degeneration and weakness throughout the body. The disease primarily affects the voluntary muscles. The disease is said to be a milder form of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which allows the voluntary muscles to function better than they do in Duchenne. Unfortunately, Mason's parents still carry suspicion that Mason's disease may be Duchenne. Mason has degenerated quicker than normal. At just 8 years of age, Mason lost his ability to walk and bear weight. He endures extreme weakness in his core and hands. He can sit unassisted, but cannot get into a sitting position without assistance. His mother (Evelyn), and father (Rich), desperate to help their son, attempted the doctor's recommendation of steroid treatment. The treatment was discontinued after the treatment displayed no benefit. Despite this reality, Mason relentlessly participates in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, as he enjoys life. Mason loves his brother, his dog Daphne, family, and friends. He likes animals and enjoys the outdoors. Mason also plays baseball in the Challenger League, and is a boy scout! He is very excited to meet the Spartan family for the rest of this season!

As the Champions of the Spartan football team move their muscles to compete in a sport they love, in honor of Mason Nellius, and Muscle Champions across the country, you too can contribute to the team's involvement! All contributions from this event will be directed to assist Mason with physical, financial, and/or emotional accommodations to provide him the love, hope, and support every ten year old boy deserves!

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