Team Muscle Up

Champions playing for our muscle champions!

What is an athlete without their muscles?! Athletes are individuals who are living with incredible muscular strength and endurance. They move their privileged muscles at will, to compete in their sport and achieve memorable success. To become a champion, it is essential for athletes to condition their muscles for elite competition. As athletes across the United States compete to win, our Muscle Champions compete to win. Our Muscle Champions- individuals living with extreme muscular fatigue, weakness, and paralysis- compete daily to win against muscle disease! Team Muscle Up unites these amazing champions across our country!

Team Muscle Up is our team made of athletes who win on and off of their playing field for our Muscle Champions! Our athletes use their privileged muscles to do what they do best, excel in their sport, while assisting an individual living with "sick muscles" (muscle disease). Athletes and teams across the country continue to assist the MMF in improving the quality of life of our affected families. If you or a loved one would like to "Play with a Purpose to End Muscle Disease", email!

Join the Muscle Movement Foundation (MMF) in the fight against muscle disease!

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Bring MMF to your campus!

We'd be honored for you to "Muscle Up", bringing the MMF to your campus! Over one million individuals across our country are robbed of their ability to complete basic muscular movements. The ability to walk, talk, swallow, breathe, hug their loved ones, and engage in desired activities may quickly come to a heartbreaking end. Students, athletes, clubs, and student-body organizations engage in community service learning projects, organize, fundraise, and raise awareness to directly assist a local Muscle Champion in need. There are many ways you can bring a team effort to the fight against muscle disease:

-Propose our cause to your coach.               -Sell MMF gear at school.       
-Get your team on board.                             -Start a MMF club.
-Start a team fundraising campaign.             -Start a school change bucket.
-Start your own fundraising campaign.         -Matching donation at work.
-MMF logo on team uniforms.                      -Teacher jeans day.           
-Honorary benefit game.                              -School dress down day.
-Custom MMF warm-ups.                             -Spirit week war.