We empower families across the U.S. with services to combat the debilitating effects of muscular dystrophy, ALS, and other muscle-related diseases.

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For Strength. Autonomy. Quality of Life.

We AID Families affected by muscle disease through:


                          A SSISTANCE


                                 I NCLUSION


                            D EVELOPMENT





(n.) An individual living and refusing to lose to muscle disease.

(n.) An individual who overcomes the effects of muscle disease and advocates for others who are affected.


Our loved ones- our survivors- Individuals who endure the weakness, paralysis, fatigue, pain, hospital visits, treatments, side effects, and obstacles presented by muscle disease; yet, continue to wake up daily with a smile on their face and live life to the fullest. These individuals are champions- our MMF Muscle Champions. And we want to highlight just how strong and special these individuals are. If you or a loved one is living and refusing to lose to muscle disease, email info@musclemovementfoundation.org. We'd be honored to meet you!


Recent Muscle Champions we have assisted through your support!

    ✫ Eddie from DE

          ✫ Mike from DE        

                    ✫ Jane from IL

                    ✫ Harry from NJ

                    ✫ Damon from PA


Saturday, September 15th, 2018 at 12:00 p.m.!








Volunteer at an event, add to our voice in your local community, visit our families in need, organize a MMF support group, organize a fundraiser of your choice, become an official MMF advocate! You can make a difference. Get Involved!

  • Event Volunteer:

Help us make our MMF events exceptionally memorable for our Muscle Champions and supporters. Volunteer to help plan events and/or help us the day of the event.

  • Outreach Volunteer:

Ensure we create essential awareness and deliver our special message in your community! Reach out to local businesses, schools, athletic teams, and fitness institutions in efforts to inspire them to join our fight against muscle disease!

  • Family Home-Visit Volunteer:

Donate your time to visiting our affected families. Assist us at family home visits to deliver the MMF message, welcome our families to the MMF team, and identify families' needs. Volunteers 18+.

  • Support Group Volunteer:

Volunteer your time in creating a MMF support group in your area. Together we will provide the important emotional support needed to develop coping strategies and functional health plans.




MG is a neuromuscular autoimmune disease that causes fluctuating muscle weakness, paralysis, and fatigue. There is currently no cure.

The Muscle Movement Foundation was founded by way of Rob DeMasi in 2012. Rob founded the MMF after a personal diagnosis of myasthenia gravis. Unfortunately, Rob was misdiagnosed for four years prior to receiving a definitive diagnosis. After being virtually paralyzed from head to toe - unable to walk, talk, swallow, and breathe - Rob received a diagnosis at 17 years of age. To-date, he operates as the Founder and President of the MMF; traveling the country as a motivational speaker and dedicating 24/7 to raising awareness and support for his fellow "Muscle Champions".

Rob has been fighting an exacerbation relapse for the past eight months. His exacerbation consists of extreme muscular fatigue, weakness, and paralysis, which affects his vision and his ability to walk, swallow food, stand, and breathe. One day after Christmas (2017), Rob endured a "MG crisis" and spent the day in the emergency room. A MG crisis is characterized by exacerbated symptoms, which cause potential life-threatening circumstances.

While Rob fights to regain his strength, one of his biggest supporters has stepped up to fill in to raise awareness. This supporter's wish is to see her big brother on The Ellen Show! Please feel free to view and share this YouTube video! Share on social media and tag Ellen DeGeneres to grant this sister a wish come true!

Utilize our hashtags this month on social media and view stories about myasthenia gravis:

#TeamMGCANTSTOPME #MGCANTSTOPME #MuscleMovementFoundation #EndMuscleDisease

Nominate our Founder, Rob DeMasi, to be invited on the ellen show: Click here!



Muscle Connect is our private Facebook support group designed for MMF Muscle Champions, friends, and families to connect. Ask questions, share information, and connect with MMF Muscle Champions. Provide the love, hope, and support we all deserve.



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