HockessinFest | Sing for Strength

Shooting Shark Band "Rocks the Stage" in Honor of Muscle Champions

All day music benefit in Hockessin, DE raises awareness and support for Muscle Movement Foundation!

HOCKESSIN, DE - The Shooting Shark Band, a local band consisting of high school students from the Charter School of Wilmington, hosted an all day music benefit to raise awareness and contributions for the Muscle Movement Foundation. Shooting Shark lead guitarist and vocalist, Nathan Lamborn, took initiative in contacting MMF founder and president, Rob DeMasi, requesting to hold an event for the MMF. He quickly received the approval and Nathan began his planning.

Nathan and his fellow Shooting Shark Band members, Evan Kipp (drums/vocals), Brian Johansson (bass guitar/vocals), and Ethan Andress (trumpet/keys), gathered to brainstorm and put a plan into action. The group needed a name for the event and wanted one to imply the strong commitment of the community coming together. HockessinFest - the event is hosted in Hockessin, DE and the event is a music fest! Perfect! After establishing the perfect name for the event, the band successfully contacted eight additional music groups, which were more than happy to participate. Now with a strong team of musicians to perform at the event, they wanted to add more fun to the music fest! The band contacted several food trucks, a water ice truck, designed fun backyard games, such as cornhole, face painting stations, and a volleyball course, and promoted the event with flyers in the local neighborhoods of Hockessin, DE.

The Shooting Shark Band, Anatomy of an Outcast, Kiki Villani, Feet First, 46 Sherman, 45s and the Funky Punks, Afterburn, Corn and the Husk, and Tears for Bullets united on August 20th at the Center for Creative Arts for the music festival. Family, friends, and supporters gathered to sing and dance in honor of the MMF's Muscle Champions! Since the MMF's "Muscle Champions" - individuals living with muscle disease - are robbed of their ability to walk and talk, Nathan and fellow musicians wanted to support the MMF in a way they enjoyed and knew best - through song and dance! The nine bands filled the center hall with good music, high energy, and good vibes throughout the day and into the night, singing and dancing for the over one million Americans affected by neuromuscular disease!

Special thanks to all Charter School of Wilmington student volunteers, Maya Dewson-Tippings (photographer), Cindy Kipp, Maureen Johansson, Paul Throne and the Center for Creative Arts Center, and all supporters and musicians in attendance!

Shooting Shark Band lead guitarist/vocalist, Nathan Lamborn! (Image courtesy of Maya D.T. Copyright 2016, Maya D.T.)

Shooting Shark Band lead guitarist/vocalist, Nathan Lamborn! (Image courtesy of Maya D.T. Copyright 2016, Maya D.T.)

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