WilmU Baseball | 2016 MVP

WilmU Head Baseball Coach, Brian August, and Team Crown Eddie Hazeldine as MVP

Wilmington University Baseball Team Joins MMF; Raises Over $2,000 for Local Muscle Champion!

NEWARK, DE - On March 3, 2016, the Division II Wilmington University Baseball Team added a very special recruit to their team. Administrators, players, family, and friends gathered as Head Coach Brian August signed 13 year old duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) survivor, Eddie Hazeldine, to a 2016 Letter of Participation with the team. Signing Eddie to their team, the Wildcats were excited to begin their spring season!

Throughout the season Eddie and family were welcomed by the Wildcat community with open arms. Their home games consisted of Eddie playing catch in the dugout - ensuring his fellow teammates were warmed up for the next inning! Eddie's smile and presence in the dugout hightened the team's levels of energy and comradery! While Eddie was busy during the games, his family openly socialized with Wildcat families and friends. The welcoming season was truly an amazing experience for the entire Hazeldine family.

On 5/17/16, the Wildcats held their end of the season baseball banquet at Timothy's of Newark restaurant. Coach Brian August presented special awards and honored numerous players; such as, the team's senior Wildcats - Jay Kluka, Chris Lopez, Mike Torres, and Peter Monahan! After honoring his seniors, Coach August presented the next award....

"The next award goes to a very special player who joined our team this season. He is the only player to ever sign to a full scholarship to our team and be presented this award as a rookie. His performance day in and day out was outstanding! This special player wakes up every day and fights. He fights a battle that many of us physically and mentally would struggle to endure. And despite this battle, he smiles day to day and always overcomes what obstacles may stand in his way. At the end of the day, no matter what team we played and no matter what adversities and obstacles we were faced with, he always persevered as a true champion. This champion showed us how to win and become champions all season long. The 2016 Wilmington University Baseball Team Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award goes to Muscle Champion, Eddie Hazeldine!"

Every seat in the restaurant suddenly became empty, as every Wildcat athlete, family, and friend delivered a standing ovation to Eddie as he received his award. Tears of happiness overwhelmingly filled Mrs. Hazeldine's eyes, seeing her son honored. Eddie received the team's MVP award, smiling ear to ear. Coach Brian August announced an additional surprise,

"Eddie, we are truly amazed by your strength and thankful that you have taught us to play like champions, and live like champions. In addition to presenting you with the 2016 MVP award we would like to present you with this team jacket in memory of this outstanding season with us. Lisa, in addition, on behalf of the Wilmington University Baseball Team, family, and friends, we would like to present the Muscle Movement Foundation this envelope of $2,535 which we have raised to assist Eddie with his fight.


Special thanks to Wilmington University administration, Head Baseball Coach Brian August, coaches, players, families, and friends for providing essential support and creating a memorable season for Eddie that will last a lifetime! Thank you for joining the Muscle Movement Foundation!

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